"The Wall"

Legal graffiti wall in Missoula, United States


A legal wall installed for artists to express themselves. Around 200 feet long, raining from 4 feet high to 10 feet high. Don't expect pieces to stay up due to kids scribbling. But they will run for roughly a week to a month if you're lucky. Most people friendly if you know what you're doing.

It’s an excellent place to get some practice in, there’s a bit of traffic around here but nobody bothered me

Super fun! a couple people walked past me and i was ready to get yelled at but people leave you be and let you express yourself:)

Just hit this spot up a few weeks ago and i was terrified it wasnt legal even though it obviously was. I was with my homies listening to trash music and painting, then cops showed up and i thought i was toast. They walked straight past us and went to deal with people on the bridge. The most interaction youll get is people walking past asking for smokes or to stare as you paint before they wander off.

Is this wall still safe to paint?