Union Lane Street Art Project

Legal graffiti wall in Melbourne, Australia


560 sqm of lane way were painted by 50+ artists from Melbourne, Perth, Glasgow, Auckland and even San Salvador. Supported by City of Melbourne and Cultural Development Network. Project managed by PinXit Arts & Events pinXit.com.au; images at flickr.com/photos/pinXit

this is the most toy lane ever

what a waste of a prime location. an alley with both sides painted by what looks like 12 year olds. Hosier lane usually has something good.

i heard heaps of people have been getting robbed there cause there is a few junkies that hang around the youth building so be careful

Painting in Union Lane is illegal unless authorised by the permit holder. Melbourne City Council commissioned new artwork in 2010. Over 70 artists repainted the entire lane in over 5 months. Unfortunately much of the artwork gets trashed by silly tags and crappy throw-ups. If you want to train your graffiti skills go somewhere else. Respect the walls!

A few weeks ago I was painting with a few of my friends there and 2 cops approached us. The reason was because some passer-bys were complaining about the paint odour and that was it. I told them we'll be done for another 20 minutes, they took our details and told us to continue painting while they record our details. They were cool about it so i guess it's a cool place to paint.

Mad place, nice and quiet compared to hosier lane and still safe 👌🏻

they throwd the wall down

i believe that novice artist can practice on these walls. they are a perfect place to practice and have a hidden gem within the city

Is this wall still safe to paint?