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Waitangi skate park

Legal graffiti wall in Wellington, New Zealand


there are two walls exactly acrooss from each other, which are double sided so you can bomb both sides. they are a good length I would say about 10 to 15 metres long and its a good spot because a lot of people go there.

Ive just did a bomb there recently in broad day light and plenty of people seen me doing it they didnt mind it

Was painting here and got videoed by security and he rang the cops, rang the council and they said it’s algood. They rang the person who made the walls happend and they said you need a permit . Been there a few times and it’s only happens once

Good spot in Wellington I had zero problem in it

Legal as

Was painting there a few days ago and got the police called on me, also you get covered in about a day by other writers so paint there for practice knowing that you’ll get covered.

i dont go painting there much but i know people who do and its perfectly fine to go there, but just know someone will paint over you in less than a week.

I had a lady ringing cops as if its not ok to paint there its almost as if its an illegal wall still maybe the councill should put up a sign declaring whether its legal or not

Is this wall still safe to paint?