Köln/Cologne Braunsfeld

Legal graffiti wall in Köln, Germany


Pretty large Wall in Braunsfeld Cologne. See a pic here, thats not the whole wall though: flickr.com/photos/veedelstar/198211237 It should be noted that although this wall was painted by lots of people throughout the years without any problems it was never declared legal by the local authorities. It belongs to some very old abandoned buildings which no one seems to care about. The police was there a few times looking at the people that painted (during festivals) but they never did anything. In germany we say that its "gedulded", as no one takes action against the painting. There is a "wagendorf" nearby with people that should be able to tell you if anything has changed about the legality.

2009 October 3 saturday i was there, nice location for graffiti! Watch out for the big dog from the "wagendorf" when you walk to the end of the long wall!

attention: a large part of the walls there are illegal by now only one of them is still legal - It is a large wall and it is a pretty nice one, but make sure you dont paint anywhere you should not. Ask the locals or other painters there.

Erbengemeinschaft Schrottplatz Köln Braunsfeld, zwischen Alsdorfer Straße, Bahntrasse und Stolberger Straße, verbietet das Betreten des Privatgeländes. Sprayen ausdrücklich nicht erlaubt. Quelle: fotolog.com/spruehkoelsch/81005284

Wall seems not to be legal anymore due to damage to property and littering.

Wegbeschreibung: KVB Linie 13 bis Oskar-Jäger-str. / rein in die Oskar-Jäger,nach 200m links in die Stolbergerstr./ nach ca. 500m am Schild: "Kölner Weinhandel" rechts,noch ca. 150m-voilà Kiosk und Tanke an der Oskar-Jäger-str. Status:Privatbesitz,geduldet,nicht offiziell Seit: Bestimmt über 10 Jahren,es bestehen Abrisspläne ,wahrscheinlich frühestens Sommer 2009 Wandfläche: Glatter Beton/Backstein/Diverse , Vorne bröckelt`s etwas... Wandhöhe: Verschiedene Größen bis ca. 5m Länge/Fläche: k. A. Beachten: Müll mitnehmen,Dosen aufstechen/entsorgen, Caps entsorgen Keine Bauwägen oder parkende Autos bemalen-fragt einfach die Bauwagenplatzbewohner falls ihr einen Wagen bemalen wollt. Seit nett zu Ihnen,dann sind sie auch nett und leihen euch vielleicht sogar ne Leiter. Weitere Bilder: streetfiles.org/casanova/photosets/145

Still legal in 2013. The large wall is legal. A lot of good burners.

Dear legalwalls-team, dear painters, this specific wall in Köln/Cologne Braunsfeld is claimed legal on this website. This, however, is not the case; spraying here is illegal for everyone. The community of heirs to whom this wall rightfully belongs strictly forbids any ongoing paintings on that wall and will not hesitate to send the police if they notice any actions there. We kindly ask the sprayers to stop spraying/painting on the wall and the legalwalls-team to tag this wall as illegal on this website. Sincerely, Potthast Rechtsanwälte (solicitors)

Wall is still legal.. Been painting here for years and never had any problems.

Is this wall still safe to paint?