Brühl Badorf

Legal graffiti wall in Brühl, Germany


You can get to the Wall by taking the Tram line 18 from Cologne or Bonn to the Station "Brühl-Badorf". The Station is on top of a bridge, which can be painted. You'll see it as soon as you arrive there. Status: Perfectly Legal. There are 2 smaller walls and 2 larger ones. The larger ones have lots of old pieces so you might not want to go over them. The smaller ones are frequently painted. Here is a pic of one side of the bridge: The other side is like the same.

Been there about 12 years ago now (man, time flies). Back then the police checked us out but told us with a smile that we had 15 minutes to finish and pack up and that they would return to check on us. We stayed for another hour without them appearing again. So even if they pop up - there's a frequented road right in the middle - just stay friendly. Nice location! =)

Wegbeschreibung: Mit der KVB Linie 18 Richtung Bonn bis zur Haltestelle Badorf Hall ist die Fläche UNTER der Brücke (2 Ebenen & 2 Seiten + Treppenaufgänge) Status:Legal-offiziell genehmigt! Seit: Ende der 90er ? Wandfläche: Glatter Beton Wandhöhe: zwischen 2m und ca.3,5m Länge/Fläche: jede Seite locker über 50 m unten /oben ca.20-30m Beachten: Müll mitnehmen,Dosen aufstechen /entsorgen, Vorsicht Autos: an der Strasse ist nur ca. 1 m Grünstreifen von Wand bis zur Strasse

I paint these Walls for more than 2 years now. Sometimes the cops show up to check your tag but they can't do anything. It's a nice Spot for having a Barbecue, drinking a Beer and smoke some weed.

Amazing to paint there! There are many good Pieces, so you have to search a lot until you find a wall to Paint. Some people who live there, dont know thats legal to paint ther.

Great wall! Both sides are legal! Regards from Siegen, Bohne & Emil ♡

They have built a new track above the upper level so the bigger middle part which could've easily been painted by two persons is now a solo spot :(. The lower level is really close to the street where cars are present the whole time. It's not a chill place. There is am outdoor sports area next to it with lots of toy graffiti. Hopefully they'll legalize this.

Police came over to check because they didn't know if it is a legal wall. After some phonecalls with the City they told me that everything is OK.

I painted here today. A lot of cars and passengers passing by. No problems at all.

Was here today , no problems. Its under the tram station , easy to find

Is this wall still safe to paint?