UConn Legal Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Mansfield, United States


Old racquet ball courts, will ply wood hung up on the fence surrounding. Two Huge concert walls to paint on both sides. Take the road right after the cemetery if the cemetery is on your right or the road right before if it's on your left. Go all the way up and around and park near the basketball courts, the wall is to the left of them tucked away. Please be respectful, there is some amazing work that is always on one of the walls- don't cover it with your garbage.

I've been painting up there for the past few years, great times. Also there are few ply wood surfaces now. They have been mostly replaced by plastic walls. The two huge walls are still there.

This place is truly awesome...sunsets are beautiful here as well

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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