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Aldeen Park Dam

Legal graffiti wall in Rockford, United States


Aldeen Park is easily accessible from alpine road. The dam has plenty of canvas space unfortunately due to it being well know legal wall you will probably have to paint over someone else's work unless you come after the one of the schools paint the dam events. The best part is though that the most hassle you will probably ever get is the random jogger or dogwalker enjoying the park.

aldeen is low key and very legit

I've read that you need a permit and it's a few hundred dollars for the permit.

Got a ticket for not having a permit yesterday..

It's ridiculously expensive, and spray paint (enamel based paint) is not allowed:

Almost arrested by some fat douche who came overboard and started screaming about how “you punks” raped his wall

need a stupid permit, sets u back a few hunnid

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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