Tacoma Garages

Legal graffiti wall in Tacoma, United States


3 big parking garages on Tacoma's Antique Row.

'The Garages' 3 Big Parking Garages on Tacoma's Antique Row. Only 'legal' to paint on Sundays. If you paint on a Saturday or other day you may be hassled by BIA security. The quality of the artwork often varies by the weather. Most pieces last at least a week, high quality work can last as long as three months. Otherwise its the same as any place else: Paint better than what's beneath you. If you can't, paint somewhere else. Respect the space and take care of your trash.

It's closed now as of November 2015, possibly earlier. Everything was painted white when I was there.

Last checked Memorial Day weekend 2017 and it's gone.

People couldn't respect the businesses around the walls and fucked up a good thing. The sad part is the people who were actually there to produce quality art and not just draw dicks and cuss words are the ones who pay the price of the latter people's fuckups.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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