The Level

Legal graffiti wall in Brighton, United Kingdom


THE BACK WALL OF THE TOILETS AND THE BACKS OF THE SKATE RAMPS ARE LEGAL. Not a lot of room, maybe 8 pieces in total.

come on yo, the place is wack, you can't fit your friends all on the same wall...this aint no REAL hall of fame, this is like somewhere you go as your last resort when you're alone. But it's all what's left in Brighton, now that the other two are gone for bs political reasons. This whole thing is a joke guys, aint no freedom of speech, face it.

yea thats totally true, the level is shit to paint, and it wont last a day when u leave... fucking brighton council, why did they have to get rid of tarner park

It isn't that bad..can just about fit 4 pieces on behind the toilets, then there's room for two more on the backs of the ramps, plus some more scrappy wallspace. It's better than nothing, and if you're piece is any good it should last a fair amount of time. Rumours that it'll be shut soon as well :(

Doesn't exist anymore, level was redone a couple of years ago. Think there is actually a police hut there now...

Wall is long gone, paint there now and the place has CCTV everywhere. Police regularly patrol and deal robustly with anyone spraying or tagging

Nah it’s gone

NO WALL THERE ANYMORE! Park has been totally redone. Many artists paint the inside of the bowl of the skate park, but rarely risk more than a tag. I've seen artists throw-up on Pride while police may be focused elsewhere but admittedly a group of them were stood no more than 10 metres away and didn't notice/care to intervene. Still illegal tho

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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