dunakeszi legal wall

Legal graffiti wall in Dunakeszi, Hungary


this is the dunakeszi legal wall you can go there by train if somebody say stupid things dont care with it

Theres nothing here, gps location not relevant, where this pointed is a large field. Nearby “Dunakeszi-gyártelep” train station are some walls but not legal and safe. I dont recommend paint it in daylight or alone.

The wall is still running but not the hottest spot. You can find at "Dunakeszi alsó" railway station, there is a long concrete wall old and faded stuffs, the spot is backside of this wall, looking at the carp lake. There is only 2-3 work from '22, the most are old from the latest years. Only a few people around, mostly middle aged man's enjoy fishing. The wall is not the brightest trophy, only just the lake and some people will see your stuff.

Is this wall still safe to paint?