Kultfabrik (former Kunstpark)

Legal graffiti wall in München, Germany


It's very close to the trainstation "Ostbahnhof". The whole area is full of flicks. Ask Loomit for permission.

It's on the area between the Grafinger and the Friedenstrasse so not exactly where it's drawn on the map.

Still there. You can enter the area from the Friedenstrasse as well as from the Grafinger Strasse. As the previous comment points out, most of the grafs are in the back of the area. Note that this is a hall of fame. There are pieces that have been painted years ago. It's not a spot anyone can go and just paint.

Hosted by Loomit... ask for permission first.

you can paint there but notice that there are many pieces that have been there for over 10 years so keep an eye on who you cross

Is this wall still safe to paint?