Windmill Lane

Legal graffiti wall in Dublin, Ireland


Starting from Tara St. train station continue walking east along the river on George's Quay, leading on to City Quay. After about five minutes you should see a turn off (right) on to Creighton Street, leading to Windmill Lane - you can't miss it. Two big walls (pebble-dashed) with enough room for large scale productions, and one smaller smooth wall. A very busy spot - favoured by toys and safety boys, not to mention bus loads of tourists - made famous by U2's recording studio which was previously located there. Bring ladders if you want your piece to last.

excuse me its actually not a legal wall i got busted there today and 48 euros worth of paint taken off me

it is a legal wall, but not all of it... i asked the guys from all city records and at the police station at pears street... the legal part is just about 3-4 meters long... its the flat wall without a strong structure at the south side of the street and more to the east end. at the right of the wall there is an entrance to a parking area... its hard to find out because allmost all walls in that street are completly bombed with tags and its all crap, nothing with quality.

man all my paints got nicked when i was painting

most of it is leagle theres only one small ally thats still full of pieces that isn't

i paint there regulary and the guuards just drive by and wave but i heard its sapose to get buffed

It is legal i paint it all the time

its not legal i nearly got arrested today.the garda sead its not anymore sadly

Entire lane is bombed, but only one small wall is legal. But if you are young (under 20) security will bust you. I spent about 3 hours painting a wall, but as im old, no one looked twice.

This used to be the main legal wall in Dublin's city centre for over a decade, unfortunately due to the influx of toys tagging over everything the wall was shut down. some Ireland's best writers were brought to court and fined. Thanks kids for wrecking a spot with a history older that you.

Not legal now for sure. Council and gards are cleanin it out because of dumass taggin on new buildings and road. I got done yesterday.

Definitely not legal anymore

I painted there recently, before hand i asked the ppl at spar if it was okay to paint and the clerk said yeah, so i went ahead and spent about 3 hours doing a roller extension style wasnt on the main wall, but it was an abandoned bulding i painted. no guards came by and nobody said anything. after talking to ppl at allcity records they told me it was a dead spot to paint and that nobody even looks at it anymore. either way i got mine in.

it is one hundred percent legal I painted there today

its all gone!!! :(

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