Charleroi old subwayline

Legal graffiti wall in Charleroi, Belgium


Here at Charleroi-suburb-area is a big "non-used subwayline". It contains kilometers of subwayline-wall. The subway was build in 1982, but after a try-out never used for duty. The line has about 5 subwaystations that are not in use. There are walls, and tunnels...really lots of space to paint! Watch out when walking on the rails, because maybe it's not in use since 25 years, the electricity still works! (A big Belgian joke i guess) so don't be afraid, there's no subwaytrain running on this track! To reach the spot you have to go by Rue du Pont/Rue du Calvaire. There was discussion about it should not be legal, but no-one comes there anymore, also it's seen as legal, and abondonned...

not legal, but chill. No more electriicity, so if you bring your ghettoblaster bring also batteries ;)

Still Chill. To reach the spot you have to go by Rue du Pont

Is this wall still safe to paint?