Legal graffiti wall in Zografou, Greece


Best Legal walls in Athens

Literally a small city where you can paint anywhere. Infininte surfaces of any kind imaginable. Awesome spot. Just make sure not to vandalise anything and if the guards show up (which is extremelly rare) assure them that you're only painting an already painted wall and nothing more. If questioned at the entrance, tell them you want to paint the Politikon Michanikon (Civil Engineer's) wall, they know.

its a bomb

i think its still safe

They made it illegal

forever safe

safe if you are not an ignorant idiot

I was there today (1/5/2019). Its like a small town where you can paint anything. It was really quiet and people didnt even look up. I saw some guards with dogs but they didnt seem to care. Make sure you take the bus to the school of civil engeneering. thats the part of zografou you can paint. the rest of the area is actually pretty untouched compared to the center of athina.

Now police can enter the area but its still chill

akoma lelgal ie piga simera

akoma safe

Is this wall still safe to paint?