Desi Hall of Fame

Legal graffiti wall in Nürnberg, Germany


The Desi is a culture and neiboorhood center in Johannis, 15 minutes walking west of the city center. it's in the brückenstrasse. as there is no legal opportunity offered by the city, the desi hall of fame is like the last legal inner city spot to paint. it's a real chilly place with a lot of green and a nice beergarden wich is open in summer. you got there a lot of little walls as well as big ones for colabos. the locals paint the spot quiet regularly or pass by frequently to look. unless you meet stupid ignorent writers, which you have in every scene, paintig at the hall is a full pleasure! for more details of the location, which alos hosts a bar and a club check don't paint the desi itsself, the big political wall painting and the door locks of the shacks! enjoy!

It's a ok lil spot. Lot of smaller walls. Good place to practice

Very good place to chill and spray your first peaces

From now on it is illegal to paint there. The owner (the city) is accountable for this.

For more information about hall of fames at nueremberg connect me!

Hier darf man Malen

Is this wall still safe to paint?