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Akerous Reservoir

Legal graffiti wall in Hythe, United Kingdom


This wall is 'off the beaten track' it has 2 nice walls and 4 walls in total which you can paint its in a secluded area the texture of the wall is brick you will need to mulsh the wall. You get alot of toys up there however the walls are large. Directions. Find the castle pub in Hythe/saltwood. (CT21 4PS) then look towards the large village hall, and head down Rectory Lane. (Rectory Ln, Saltwood, Kent CT21 4, UK) Keep on down that lane untill you approach a church, once there park your car in the church car park, then head down the path thats ajacent to the car park. this is a small muddy path, that leads on to a concrete track. Walk all the way down this track you will pass some very big houses and on the left you will see 2 wooden small gates hop over these and carry on walking there you will see a large brick building!!!! ONLY PESTS ARE THE OCCASIONAL DOG WALKERS.

the walls aint large n it aint legal its in a working resvior so it'd be trespass n criminal damage charges the spots shit

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