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Legal graffiti wall in Fitzroy, Australia


Fitzroy is a bit of a graff paradise. No actual designated legal wall there but heaps of open minded locals that in most cases are more then happy to let you paint their house if you ask them. Hooked up dozens of walls there within a few weeks. Might as well check for old, faded murals and ask if you can overpaint them.

*don't paint over old faded Murals- they would have been left for good reason (EG. done by Keith Harring)

there are heaps of walls that nobody cares if you paint, but there are heaps of walls that people do care. you just have to be a bit careful and be aware of who you're painting over, and who is looking over you while you do.

Be very careful just going over people as it's not a 'free for all' giant legal wall area. People get really annoyed if you take out their pieces with toy or quick attempt stuff. Also, just because the area is heavily painted IT DEFINITELY does not mean it's legal to paint everywhere. Just a few words of warning. Otherwise an amazing area where you could walk around ford days finding new laneways full of amazing graffiti.

Lots of security cameras that are capturing images. These are being reported to police and are added to a data base in readiness for facial mapping/recognition ( The facial images never get deleted and are there for ever. Eventually there will be a match....(like DNA allowing cold cases to be solved from 20-30 year ago). It is crime to paint without permission and residents need to apply for local council approval for graffiti to be displayed on their property.

Last comment sounds like a local resident trying to scare people off. The walls definitely aren't all legal but if there is anywhere where you can just paint in the daytime in a lane way in Melbourne it's in Fitzroy.

Is this wall still safe to paint?