Taste-y Backyard/Carpark

Legal graffiti wall in Cairns City, Australia


There´s a little laneway on Grafton Street just opposite Gilligans Backpackers, that lead to a backyard/carpark where it´s allowed to paint as long as you check back with the guys in the shop called taste-y´s right on Grafton Street.

Thats right, the wall is right down past the cafe, Caffiend, in the alleyway. these guys at Tastey sell paint, mags, DVD.s and graff tshirts. They also know about other active legal walls around Cairns

I painted there in Feb. 2011 and the girl from Tastey was very helpful and friendly. Nice quite spot.

It’s still usable in 2019, photos of it uploaded to Instagram @photographerzach

Is this wall still safe to paint?