Tumblingerstraße Munich

Legal graffiti wall in München, Germany


Take the metro lines U3 or U6 to "Poccistraße" and walk down the "Ruppertstraße". Feel free to paint here, no allowance needed.

The wall is also referenced to as "Poccistrasse" since that's the nearest metro station. I painted there a few days ago. It's a pretty cool spot: Sunny, some people walking by and a lot of other writers on the weekend. I also had a nice little talk with the police of Munich when they stopped by.

Painted this spot a few days ago. Fully legal.

We painted in summer 2012 there. Is totally legal. A bit noisy from the streets, but alright if you like a bit of audience.

Still legal as of 2013

Still there & legal. Sadly the Mighty Weeny Store has gone - but hey, no wonder with such a stupid name. If you're looking for cans in Munich: cans-and-co.de or ghostyard.de

Still Safe to paint :)

Still legal

Ja sehr sicher

Its still free

Great place


I painted there today and the Spot ist Great and 100% legal

Great spot, still safe

Safe and very friendly people


Really cool spot. Still safe to paint. There were also some local lads painting next by👌

Nur die Wände wo die anderen Sprayen, die andere Wände sind nicht legal.

Is this wall still safe to paint?