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The crete pit

Legal graffiti wall in Northfleet, United Kingdom


Large concrete pit, walls mostly 15 feet high some smaller up to 80 metres long ,this place has been painted on and off for ten years not much new mostly dubs,painted there half a dozen times at all times of day, weekday evenings and weekends with no hassels at all .There's 2 ways in 1 on rosherville way at the end of the fence by the road tunnel and another for the slimmer of you on crete hall rd right hand side of the main entrance in the blue railings ,bring a wall paper scraper some bits have ivy on it,this place aint legal cos its got a big old fence round it but once your in you cant be seen easerly

The pit is now gone.. Lidl warehouse now... Sad times

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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