Galley hill Skatepark

Legal graffiti wall in Bexhill, United Kingdom


The Skatepark has a nice big 20 ft panel on the front and back to piece on, and the best thing is the whole skatepark is legal there is even signs saying so! From Bexhill station just ask directions , people will tell you as it's a good 10-15 minute walk, but it's worth the wait! NO hassles -no fuss , just piece and chill people..........

good place to paint, but don't expect your peice to last too long. These walls are painted on a regular basis by the local heads. Great in a sun and a beef/aggy free spot. The wind can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes though.

the amsterdam is in st leonards

If you walked to wards the bridge along the coast you would see the Amsterdam but only on exceptional low tides.also if you were to go to what look like rocks you would have seen that they were trees many years ago to see them go at low tide

Skatepark has been demolished

Can confirm, skatepark no longer exists.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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