De Til

Legal graffiti wall in Hengelo, Netherlands


Named after the Dutch word for dovecot/pigeonhouse 'duiventil' this spot is called 'de til' among locals. It's a big shed that may be painted on all four walls. The one wall in the back belongs to a soccer club and is legal too. Once in a while people from the dovecot/pigeon club come by, but they never seem to be bothered by a painters presence.

great wall, i painted there a few days ago and it was a good spot, but the wall on the back that belongs to the soccerclub was gone

Fenced private property on google streetview 2014

Still legal, there are some contructions going on around the shed. (for the last view years and will be the coming years.)

still legal it's an awesome spot. no toy trashing and awesome pieces

Awesome Spot, directly at the train line! not really much people around - Please note, that there can be official/order graffiti, that should not be buffed or painted over

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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