TUBS Building Free Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Seattle, United States


Former spa building that has been vacant for a few years now used as a free wall. Not necessarily sure about the legal situation but its on two major streets and is constantly painted on in broad daylight.

I am pretty sure this is a freewall, but I was just there a few nights ago and a security guy came by and told us we had to leave. Apparently we're not allowed to paint at night. The thing is, he said he's been on duty for six months and I've been painting at night there for the past two months, so I don't know.

I was there once in the summer, my friend was on the roof and i was guiding him, then 2 cops rolled up and started harassng us. They said it wa ILLEGEAL, searched us, took our pictures, info names everything and fucked us up. Such dicks/

I was just there, I don't like freewalls with people passing by taking pictures. I would much rather write in the streets, way less likely to get caught << (lol!) Because if a cop drives up to you on a legal wall, He could search your writer name and you just got bitch slapped by the law...

Tubs was finally knocked down by the City of Seattle in early 2014 and no longer exists. dailyuw.com/archive/2014/03/11/arts-leisure/community-feature-tub-thumping

Closed down.

Aw man.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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