Legal graffiti wall in Anderlecht, Belgium


Big pilars underneath highway.Easy to find with highway exit nearby.

Do not paint there. I've only just placed my sketch when I was there and the cops said that this spot is not legal, so I must grab my stuff and get out of there.

It's 100% legal. The cops are stupide. I go their every week and never a cop said my that this spot not legal is.All the great painters of brussels city are their.

Not legal but graffiti is tolerated there. The cops may come up to you to say hello or tell you to remember to take your empty cans with you. Painted there a dozen times, never had any trouble.

It is a great spot for taking pictures. I visited the site last week and took a lot of pictures

Not legal but tolerated. Cool spot with tons of great pieces. Keep this place cool, don't let your empty cans on the floor on in the bushes! You can acceed with the tramway (stop Marius Renard)

Visite several time on the last 2 years still safe and légal

still chill

Painted there 3 days ago really safe and chill

Sometimes There is SDF but still chill and a really pretty place

Is this wall still safe to paint?