the 13 arches .

Legal graffiti wall in Whetstone, United Kingdom


this is the spot.from leicester road follow the canal right if ur facing form town follow it don and on ur left hand side there is a broken bridge directly afer the bridge theres a very small gate go thru the gate up the small hill and look right there a great spot 7 foot walls 150 yards long some of the uk,s best writers have painted here brilliant spot very very very chilled no hastle at all enjoy a day here sun beams on ya back!

It's not legal you have no idea telling people it is when it's not so don't go there

Completely chill place to paint , the guy above who commented is clearly a train bridge loving weirdo who doesn't want people to paint it. It's actually half fenced off to keep walkers out so Graff writers come on down

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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