Mercado Latino/Freedom Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Bakersfield, United States


Pretty long wall good for at least 12 production pieces about 6 or 7 feeet tall juss bring ur own buff paint pick a spot..on the far east wall if ur not very good so u dont mess up the nice work..and date ur art when finished to hav about a week of burning time..

its a lil more to the right...pass that parking entrance(::

Fuck this wall. I wouldn't waste my paint on it. Most of the people who paint it are toys and they will try to mess with you if they don't know you.

Anybody can paint here.

Still safe

Safe legal wall - paint respectfully anytime day or night. I met cool locals

Make sure you bring buff paint or you'll def be leaving with some kind of beef

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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