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Legal graffiti wall in Saint Catharines, Canada


A wall between two highways that stretches around 250 meters. Has been used for nearly 20 years as a safe spot to paint. The cops know about this wall, but never go down. In order to get to it, take Salina street to the very end and turn right on the path. About 300 meters later there will be a path to the underneath of the bridge, and you're there.

This is by far one of the sickest legal walls in the Niagara Area. Check out the upcoming articles and pictures on Niagara Outdoor Adventure:

This is a very high traffic area for graffiti artists for around 20 years, this is true. But for the legality of this wall i have to say that it is not legal. A buddy of mine and he was arrested at this spot by some cop on a bike.

This wall is not "legal" per se, but it's under a highway, away from tourist areas and main streets and as long as people aren't causing a ruckus down there or having fires/etc. it's a great place to paint and to enjoy the art.

True that Cops won't bother you but it is still illegal and I know a few people who have been mugged down there by thugs or tweakers.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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