Graffik's Graff Garden

Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


In the back courtyard of an urban art gallery called Graffik, is a big wall, partly boarded up, covered in amazing graffiti. You will have to be "accepted" by the gallery owners to paint there but they're cool, and that shouldn't be a problem. They even sell MTN 94 there! You'll be secluded and safe there!! The gallery is cool also, has a good mixture between graffiti art, street art and related clothing (E.g. Abuze, or artists' own labels). The address is 284 Portobello Rd. Closest tube stops are Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Park, and Notting Hill Gate.

I threw up a piece there at the weekend. Good vibes. Great spot. Will be back there with more paint soon!

the Responer piece thats been put up is tight!!

Got knocked down

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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