Under the Bridge

Legal graffiti wall in Neuss, Germany


Under the train bridge. Very big.Huge walls. A lot of nature around. Very nice feeling.

Take care, not REALLY legal. people did happen to get into trouble there.

nice walls but only old pieces, painting is not allowed there any more

painting is not allowed any more

Ich hatte nie wirklich Probleme gehabt hier. kommt einfach mit einem eimer farbe an, macht ein geiles piece und alles ist gut

It‘s difficult because technically it‘s not legal anymore. I heard of people getting into trouble, but I have never, I guesd it’s still tolerated because I painted their 3 or 4 times, there were People and even Firedepartment passing by, but nothing has happend. Just be careful...

Ich hab dort ein throw up gesprüht und es sind alle dran vorbei gelaufen außer eine Frau die ein Foto vom Graff gemacht hat, aber scheint nicht mehr wirklich legal zu sein!

Is this wall still safe to paint?