Brandon Legal Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Brandon, Canada


This is a chill wall. A decent size, has lots of room to paint on. As for getting hassled at the wall it's not a problem at all. Cops know it's legal and usually leave it alone.

A police officer told me about it, I painted there with no problems.

I emailed the city because I am going to visit and wanted to be sure before I packed my gear! The official address is 27 – 12th Street but it is the north wall of the CMHA Restore building on 11th Street & Pacific Avenue

Great little spot for a small town! Little bit of foot traffic with the odd vehicle(back lane) but never have been bothered just supported by locals!

We were there yesterday, August 2021. Guy was there working on a larger piece. My son was able to put up some work. No problems.

Paint here almost everyday at one point great spot highly encourage other writers to check it out

Is this wall still safe to paint?