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Winchester Skatepark

Legal graffiti wall in Winchester, United Kingdom


Walking from town is just past Winchester School of Art, is all skateramps and has one decent sized wall where you could probs fit 2 pieces and the rest is just on the back of ramps and such

This is NOT a legal graffiti wall. Winchester City Council owns both the skatepark and the wall and does NOT allow graffiti on any of its properties.

Erm NO! I do know writers that have had trouble there but once the police called the council they clarified its legalness, writers have been painting there for like 6 years with no trouble, one nice wall which is on the back of the skate ramp which can squeeze about two pieces and the rest is ramps, but ye go enjoy a nice paint in winch :)

i emailed the council and they said there are absolutely no legal graffiti spots in the district

is very legal police have seen me few times and never had any problems

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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