Maria Hall

Legal graffiti wall in Berlin, Germany


A 15 m long and 3m high Wall directly next to the Spree. A little bit hard to find beyond the Energieforum. Wall is about 500m away form the next trainstation S-Bahnhof Ostbahnhof. From there you must get to the spree but not in direction to the East side gallery. Mhhh ist hard to explain. The Wall is behind the Club "Maria". Have Fun and collect your trashcans.

I think this wall is "claimed" by an artist/artists who have painted a huge crowd of refugees. Why destroy it?! Refugees Wellcome!!!

I think it's not cool to claim one of the few walls of the city that can be used legally for street art especially for something so political. It's already tough to find a spot where you can learn and develope without violating the law. For me street art is about freedom, respect and acceptance which also means that people should be willing to share the space with their fellow artists and also accept that nothing is forever and someone might paint over their work, just like it's within the halls of fame.

After seeing the messages here, I went there to paint, but I did not see the hall and could not find it either. I think the wall does not exist anymore

The Wall doesn't exist anymore!

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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