Fuengirola Skatepark

Legal graffiti wall in Fuengirola, Spain


this it the only legal wall we have down here. centro comercial mirramar, it is right next door. it is in a skatepark so you always have spectators but its completely legal so no problems with the police.

I've been there 1 week ago.. nice place.. good wall and no trouble..

Apparently have to ask council and they give you a spot. Last time I was there they buffed it about every 4 weeks. And had to apply. Not sure if it's the same. My mate went over some.spanish kid and he weren't happy. Obviously we handled the situation.

Also if you walk along the beach front from Fuengirola to Los Bolisches there's a few lil bridges along the way with about 4-6 walls in each. Was always legal back in the day. Shit on a windy day though as they lead onto beach so if there a breeze from the sea your paint ain't going on the wall.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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