Mong Kok Hall of Fame

Legal graffiti wall in Hong Kong, Hong Kong


This is one of the largest graffiti spots in Hong Kong. To get there, just follow Argyle St. eastwards until you see a long alley before Luen Wan St. Go through the alley and you will find loads of graffiti art.

I've been and I have photographic evidence. Wouldn't say it was 'legal'

No thats not a legal spot.. It's a fame. Not realy that chill as it's close to shoping malls, buss and subwaystations. Was a guard sneaking on me, from the parkinglot over the spot. Wellwell.. I will upload a video from the spot @ check it out yo!

It is not a legal wall in a sense but it is a chill spot and the authorities tend to tolerate graffiti in this area. I've been painting in this spot with no problem. For paints especially MTN, go to Dirty Panda, Unit 22, 12/F., Block A, Profit Industrial Building, 1-15 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, N.T

The Bute Street / Luen Wan Street is the entrance to the Graffiti Wall of Fame. Streetview only shows the entrance, not the graffs.

hall of fame with walls on the school and walls of the bridge and narrow pillars. absolutely legal.

The area previously occupied by Argyle Street Waterworks Depot at 111 Argyle Street has been put up on a tender and will be transformed into a carpark. As the building has been demolished, the graffiti is no longer hidden, and it has been removed. Maybe people will continue painting graffiti on that wall, but I don't think so, as per basic law, modifying a public property without permission is illegal in Hong Kong.

Local writers painted there few months ago, they said there were not many walls left basically only one at the back of the school and the one on the opposite under the bridge. Still ok to paint. They put signs telling you it’s illegal and still people would paint there. Most of the time there is no problem. But better paint at the wall that is not faced to the car park or too close to it. People can notice you much easier. Keeps rockin’ everyone.

Is this wall still safe to paint?