The Refuge Lounge

Legal graffiti wall in Hesperia, United States

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The Refuge Lounge is open every Thursday night from 6pm till 10ish open graff walls and open dance floors for breakers and open mic for emcees no profane words or slogans keep it respectful for the youth all ages are welcomed.Also every 4th Sat of the month huge events are held headlinders are brought in for performances. the wall is about 8ft high by 40 some ft wide in process in building another 8ft by 60 or 80ft any other info you can call Sergio-760-686-8065..or or

Is this wall still safe to paint?

All graffiti spots in this legal wall directory are contributed by users. Information you find here may be incorrect or outdated. Always verify the legality of graffiti walls with local authorities before painting. We do not take responsibility in any illegal activities performed based on the information on this site. Also refer to our Terms of service & privacy policy

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