Passau Wall of Fame

Legal graffiti wall in Passau, Germany


Relaxed Wall, chilled atmosphere... Our Walls are about 8 meters hig and youv got 334 meters to paint ! The NSE Crew established ths Wall

jo, ist ne richtig gute fame. war schon oft dort, sehr entspannt und viel fläche und ein alter eisenbahntunnel, wenn es regnet kann man dort malen. kann man nur empfehlen diese hall. mfg

If you paint there and the police see you, you will get in trouble because there are always cops how are ther to safe the border to Austria, so they don't know the city. I got reported for damage, we will see wich kind of letter will come. Cops were really bad, and I am fucked up, chased for doing nothing illegal.

Ok, the city of Passau confirmed to the police that the wall is legal. But I have/had a lot of stress anyway! The police even tooked phots of me and the piece. So be attentive!

Is this wall still safe to paint?