Hall of Fame Sydhavnen

Legal graffiti wall in København, Denmark


It's a huge hall of fame with some high quality grafs. A must see on every Copenhagen trip! It's a quite abandoned spot, so I think you should not get in trouble in any way. The wall is accessible via metro (I don't know the stations name anymore, sorry) and from there it's about 15 minutes by foot. Just walk toward the three big chimneys you can see from the metro station. When you pass them, you should already be able to see the first graffitis.

I can confirm that. I was there last year. It's a must-see!

Bah, I should have had this map a year ago. I strayed around there for about an hour before I found it.

The wall is good for painting

It is a totally legal spot, I've painted it many, many times through the years and I never had any problems or heard about anybody who did. And yes, anybody can go and paint, most of the walls gets painted again and again so don't expect your piece to stay for long :) It is a wonderful place, almost shaped like a very big square and you can paint on both sides of the wall. To get there: the nearest S-train station is 'Dybbelsbro' the stop just before/after Copenhagen Central Station and most S-train lines stop at the station. The station is not on a metro line as written above, but on an S-train line. The three chimneys mentioned are rising from a huge power plant which is right next to the hall of fame so it shouldn't be that hard to find even though it is a little bit out of the way and you won't just walk by the hall of fame accidentially. Anyway, please come and visit my city and paint the hall of fame, visitors are always welcomed! - A Copenhagen Writer

I can also confirm that location, I live in Copenhagen.

Legal!!! Great spot indeed.... Drop off at Dybbølsbro station, walk up the stairs, turn left, and aim at the powerplant seen on your right, 10-15 mins walk. Walk down the small road with the powerplant on your right, follow the pieces down towards the waterfront, and pop!!! Your there... Have fun :)

The owners wants it pulles Down to make Rooney for new buildings. Go to The face book page 'sydhavnen "Kbh Hall of Fame' and klik 'Like' . Just one initiative to try save The Wall.

May 2016: The hall of fame is currently being demolished / destroyed. It is now final chance to paint there, so hurry up.

It's gone. Just few bangers left on the plywood fence, but the wall of fame is over.

The wall is now fully gone.

It's been torn down to make place for expensive apartments

Now shitty apartments are being built.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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