300m2 legal wall in Rostock - Germnay

Legal graffiti wall in Rostock, Germany


400m2 legal Wall in Rostock - Germany - two big sportbuilding - 4,5 high and 2x 30 Meter long - nice place to chill, paint and talk with lokal heros enjoy ROSTOCK - direkt at the baltic sea

Yes that's true, it is the hall of my youth. Top place for writer since 20 year, even though the police is just next to it, but don't worry they don't care any more since the place was officially named legal by the city authorities in the 90th.

Halls are being renovated - are no longer legal - stood 02-2018

Map got updated with new Position and information

For updated location and information, see legal-walls.net/wall/2256

Is this wall still safe to paint?