Legal graffiti wall in Märsta, Sweden


Märstas first legal wall i think. New paintings almost every day.

See wall flickr.com/photos/heinrock/3935455420/sizes/l/in/set-72157600869585511

nice wall, but just so you boys and girls know, if you go to this wall during a day when it's nice weather, it's a big chance that the wall will be taken by others for a while. it can take hours before it's your turn to paint. i recommend painting when it's either a bit rainy or just bad weather. otherwise nice place to paint at, happens that people actually come and take a look :)

8m x 2,5m wooden boards. The wall is in front of the Forum's / youth's house, to the right of the entrance. Also confirmed by graffitiframjandet.se/oppna-vaggar/lista-stader-vaggar/maersta-stockholm-ungdomens-hus

Is this wall still safe to paint?