Jugendhaus Höchst

Legal graffiti wall in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


2 meters x 100 meters S-Train from Ffm-Hauptbahnhof (S1-S2), exit at Höchst-Bahnhof. Be sure to ask a person in charge at the Jugendhaus Höchst before you start to paint.

Google knows: frankfurt.de/sixcms/detail.php?id=1836473&_ffmpar[_id_inhalt]=53877

Painted there some 5-6 weeks ago. Abit hard to find without a GPS or good map. So I ended up taking a cab from the train station(Höchst-Bahnhof). Nice clean walls. Asked the people who work there before painting, and they seemed positive, but glad that I asked. So recommend you ask before painting.

Take the north exit of the train station Höchst, you´ll end up on a small parking lot with a high building on your left, turn east and take the road directly alongside the train tracks. The road will end at Königsteiner Str, its east of the station highlighted yellow on google maps. You can easily recognize it, it crosses the tracks underneath 2 train bridges on your right. There will be an african restaurant and a small shop in front of you. Take the street Konrad-Glatt-Str, it´ll also be directly in front of you. On Konrad-Glatt-Str, after you passed the garage, take the 1st street on the right, you´ll pass the tracks underneath a bridge. You should now see the entry to the bus yard, and on your left there should be the Jugendhaus Höchst.

you have to be careful there are some arabic or turkish guys from a local crew. if you are not from frankfurt they will beat you up.

Looks legit jukuz-hoechst.junetz.de

It's still save in 2022, you can paint There. If you guys are from a other country and don't speak German, you can easily text my instagram : 6lmkl_ and I could go there with you.

Is this wall still safe to paint?