Heidelberg Messplatz

Legal graffiti wall in Heidelberg, Germany


Two long walls, start out short (about a meter tall) then grow steadily to about 5 meters. The walls are about 30 to 35 meters long. The best way to get there from the middle of the city is either by bike or by the 26 tram to the stop Messplatz. The Montana Heidelberg store is located on Plöck street, roughly 5 kilometers away.The full address is Plöck 91, 69117 Heidelberg. if you dont have a car or a bike, just walk from the tram stop Bismarkplatz. If you can't find either the Messplatz or the Montana store, don't be afraid to ask someone. German people are friendly and can mostly speak english.

Nice wall and easy to get there. You can just come paint without a permission.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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