Hall of Fame Kolding

Legal graffiti wall in Kolding, Denmark


Best way to get there is by foot, but there are parkinglots on both sides. It's a tunnel under the railway where the walls are paintable. Good space. Possible to do productions with 4-5 man. Lots of local people passing by while you're painting here. Had a real good time talking to a few interested people.

we just got some more big walls, at a place called Kultur Logen Kolding but it is not downtown Kolding but its not that far away ! the place is nice with like a big house with kreativ people some of them are writers ! there is also som walls inside one of the buildings! but please dont bomb on the way out there, and specily not at the house, we might loss the place if that happend ! sorry for the bad english :)

It's only five minutes from the station, near a skatepark. Beautiful wall, many cartoon caracters. ;)

Painted there in 2020. No Problems. Still Safe.

Is this wall still safe to paint?