WeusthagHall (Of Fame)

Legal graffiti wall in Hengelo, Netherlands


Opened in april 2009. A community project/ cooperation between Scala Youthwork and Zulu Nation Chapter Holland. Located in a neighborhood, situated at a sporthall named Weustaghal.100 % legal. Bricks, ca. 80 x 3 meters (different heights). Please paint backgrounds too!Take trash with you, do not bomb the backside of the building and it's surrounding walls etc. This Hall Of Fame is an pilot. If results are positive the city councill might legalize more spots in Hengelo. For information on the wall you can contact YouthCentre Radar, Beukweg 92, 7556 DG Hengelo, phone: 0031-74-2560810. The youthcentre is located a couple of hundred meters away from the Hall Of Fame. Youthcentre Radar also has their very own legal spot (Ca. 10 x 1.80 m) but ask permittance first. The wall is often used for demo painting, where invited artists show the youth how they paint. You'll find a paintshop that sells spraycans (Dupli Colorz, Montano Blacks and Montana Golds)between the youthcentre and the Weusthaghal. Feel free to contact the youthcentre, as the are more than happy to help you. They run Graffiti Classes and exhibitions and do workshops all over the city. For questions and support you can also contact info-at-zulunation.nl. Ask for TimSki. Language: Dutch, English, German, Malaisian.

On the instagram page @mrgraffiti.wall_haaksbergen you can see what’s happening.

i was here yesterday with my friend it's a great place. the entire skatepark is legal, but not many people know it's legal. the police were called on us so just make sure to tell people about it

I can still paint

Still legal. Name of the sporthall has changed into ‘TurnCentrum Twente’. The youthcenter named in the previous description is closed. The first part of the wall is illegal to paint. No tagging above the walls. The backside (door) is also illegal. You can check pieces at Instagram @mrgraffiti.wall_hengelo Please send pics of pieces on this HOF to this IG account. Appreciated. Got to keep this legal spot alive! Supermarkets, cafeterias, kebab shop etc in the nearby shoppingcentre ;)

Is this wall still safe to paint?