world war two tower

Legal graffiti wall in Hampshire, United Kingdom


more of a good place to explore, but u can paint here, its an abandoned WW2 radio tower on the outcrop of some woods in a nature reserve, consists of two floors with about 10ft tall and 20ft long walls but the walls are VERY old! is 100% illegal so the best bet is to cut diagonally through the trees (see satellite pic) to avoid being spotted by the house opp. (is chill when your there) surround area has leftover turrets and things from WW2 but ill leave that to you to find em. E

this spots now gone, been bricked up. so if you didnt go you missed yer chance lads!! e

No it’s still there to paint guy above just chatting shit. Decent chill spot out the way not 100% legality but it’s a quite one so doubt you would have any problems.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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