swaythling youth centre

Legal graffiti wall in Southampton, United Kingdom


age old youth club walls, about 6ft high, some long, some short, not the absolute best to paint in the world but its worth a blast. totally legal but rumours of it being knocked down are still floating about so be quick.

Almost arrested here..policeman didn't know whether it was legal or not (but I'm pretty sure it is). Apparently going to be knocked down soon to build a doctors anyway.

Went there today (10/02/2010) only one of the walls is legal now and you can fit about 3 pieces on the wall. Its a shame to see so much wall space having been buffed and made illegal for what reason? The remaining wall is quete nice though.

the last remaining wall is due to be knocked down in a couple of weeks. go whilst you still can, it will soon be a block of flats...

now fully gone.

Unfortunately this has been knocked down we now only have Southampton common underpass

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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