Hinna Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Stavanger, Norway


Not officially legal, but tolerated. Been painted regularly for over 10 years. The wall is along the line. So when you get to "Hinna Tunet" you will need to jump a fence and you will see it. Its 10-15 meters from the train line. To get there you can take several buses from Stavanger Bus Station. Most common are no.1(a/b), 2(a/b) and no.3 (But basically any bus going thru "Hinna". Ask the bus driver to let you off the bus stop after the Statoil Gas station at "Hinna". If you get of that stop, you will basically be able to see the line. From that bus stop you are max 200meters from the wall.

Still safe in 2023. Check out #hinnamuren & #hinnaveggen on IG instagram.com/explore/tags/hinnaveggen

Is this wall still safe to paint?