Hall of Fame Konstanz

Legal graffiti wall in Konstanz, Germany


It's located at the fence next to the rails at the Reichenaustraße. Between "Media Markt" and "Schänzle" bridge. I'm not totally sure about the exact location on the map, but you should find it. Open since 2007

AFAIK this was a fence of a construction area. Construction is done, fence gone. But please correct me if I am wrong.

yep, the map is wrong, the walls are huge blocks under the bridge but dont cross any work because they are masterpieces

The marker on the map is correct. The pillars of the bridge are painted. Mostly very high quality.

All pillars under the bridge on this side of the river can be painted, i have done like 10 graffitis there the last year. Dont cross the sick stuff !

Its a really big Bridge where you can paint on all Pillars. It have one like 20 meters lengh 6 meters high wall next to the lake where you can paint both Sides. On the not Lake end of the Bridge is a good place to learn and try graffiti for the first time. With a big Wall in the middle, 8 meters lengh 5 meters high. There is some photo realism Graffiti on the high Pillars you better dont cross stupid. Watch a bit that you dont spray right next to a car parking under the Bridge. I keep spraying here for Years and because of the huge Space, and not that much writters coming, your peace will stand quit long. The Hall of Fame is for everybody , have Fun !

Is this wall still safe to paint?