Düsseldorf Rath

Legal graffiti wall in Düsseldorf, Germany


Große Fabrikhalle, am besten zu erreichen mit den Straßenbahnlinien 712 und 719.

i was painting this wall and got problems with police of Dusseldorf, they told me to leave. It was not possible to finish my piece. a fat guy with a dog was walking around and looks angry, i think he called the police. sunday november 8 2009

i paint there over 10 years and had no problems with police only with neighbours because the garbage (try to leave with your garbage thx)

It's still TOTALLY OK to paint there, since more than 10 years indeed. Still, I do know one case where actually the Police didn't know this and there were some minor problems due to that. In the end, they had to drop the charges because the police were wrong. So don't worry and clean up your garbage ;o)

i was there some days ago, we didn't paint, but it looked good. you know, theres one side at the street, and you can walk around. one side is placed to the forest and the tramrails... at the backside, theres really much rubbish laying around (old cans, caps and other stuff....) but still ok!

legal wall

painting there on a regular base, never had problems

It is legal.

This Wall has never been legal by the Council, but its allways been tollerated by the owner of the building. I have been painting there since 2003/04 and only got in trouble because the local residents or kids think its funny to call the Cops... When the Police shows up just tell them, that the storage hall is property of "Junges Schauspielhaus" and they tollerate it. Maybe they will check your ID and will send you away, but you will never face legal difficulties. Cheers and have Fun:)

Its not legal but okay. Its a hall from the theater but the hall is there since at least 30 years. So noboy cares. It is good for beginners and long painting days.

It is officially legal since four weeks due to the verbunt association

Legal wall. Official! You can paint there but please don’t leave your garbage there. In case if the place will ruined by empty cans and garbage maybe the walls will be not legal anymore.

Is this wall still safe to paint?