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Legal graffiti wall in Canterbury, United Kingdom


A big wall in a field, no more, no less. Essentially, get to Lime Kiln road and follow the graffiti up and round, and then through a hole in a fence to get to the wall. It's not a great surface (it's the wall of a former farmhouse or something similar - it's crumbling apart and paint peels regularly), and if you're rollering it expect a long wait until it dries properly and evenly, but it's regularly used by Kent legal writers and crews like LTD, KYS etc., and also sometimes sees action from London writers as well. Great jamspot in the summer. Hassle is not likely (I've never had any), but that area of town is pretty pikeyfied, so you might be unlucky and bump into a big group of scummers just passing through. You're probably in greater danger of getting skewered the bulls who reside in the adjacent field, although they don't seem to hang in that area of the field in the latter part of the week. Go on a monday though sir, and you could well be bullfeed.

Unfortunately I went up there today and a policeman told me that it isn't a legal wall. The legal writers get permission from the council and farmers to do it. Loads of people leave there empty cans up there and the bulls step on them and cut there feet up so the farmer who owns doesn't let people graffiti it anymore. However, if you are interested in graffiti it is a good spot for taking a look at the local talent but beware from police men who hang around there because lots of drug deals go down there. So don't have any spray cans or drugs on you because you may get arrested!

i painted there with no hassle.....fuck these local bumpkins femza tdo

this is true this is not legal anymore, the next legal wall incantebury is by sainsburys. or theres one in a park in ashford. orke.nb

Big group of scummers? All our gang go there and we never have been hassled by any scummers....There's people spray painting and getting along to make sure the bulls don't cut there foot everyone pops the cans and throws them in bushes....if you look at it now it's cleaner than it used to be thanks to some teenz that live close by.

it still gets painted regularly and it's smoother than it used to be. if on the off chance you get gripped (pretty unlikely though) just act dumb "sorry officer, i saw this other graffiti here and was told by this guy that i'm allowed to paint here. pretty please with sugar on top don't arrest me" that sort of shit should work. if not. no comment

always be calm to paint here. Have done for 5 years with no troubles TMB!

Was ok last month when I went up there. no trouble from law only saw people walking through no bulls.

Contacted the local police aka <> Emailed them, this wall is Illegal and there are no free walls/legal walls in Canterbury.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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