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graffiti wall

Legal graffiti wall in St. Louis, United States


a mile long wall. pre-primed. exellent condition. mecca for local graffiti artists.

NOT legal.

Actually, it is legal. There is an event called Paint Louis held here during the summer in which many graffiti artists come and contribute. The wall is about two miles long.

Definitely not legal man, it has lots of art on it, and if you paint the far-side from the streets near the rails you probably won't be bothered, but paint the side closer to the city/landing and if a cops rolls by and wants to be a dick, he can legally arrest you.

Just did a piece that took 4 hours to do, closest to the arch, and 2 cops drove by and couldn't care less. So yes, it is legal....

OK, I was there last week (September 14, 2011). When I drove by the first time, two youths were out of their car and getting paint out of their trunk. This was at 10:00 in the morning. They never even looked at me. I drove by again. Again, they didn't even look, and they were already at work. (BTW, one youth was White, the other Black.) I drove up to them and asked if I could take a picture. They told me to go ahead. Legal or illegal? I would definately say legal.

oh its legal i go their all the time i have had cops come by and admire my work... they only reason cops will be down their is to make sure your not painting on the trains... love, KOVE

Was there last week Love the work. I took lots of photos. Great work everyone.

It's definitely legal I have painted both ends and several spots in between I have even had a convo with an officer in the middle of the session, sincerely, grow

I work on the river behind the wall and I have seen numerous people down there with 100s of spray cans painting for hours and cops drive right by and do nothing at all. I personaly think that it is an awesome idea.

walls got nice work for about 2/10ths a mile. rest is bullshit and dissed work. i saw a giant saber piece long gone. many notable others too. plus a handful of locals hit it surprisingly but yea thats true. looking to runnit perf

It's legal

Got me arrested

Me and my sister go here all the time. We take pictures, watch people make their own artwork, and plan to do our own art. Cops drive by to make sure you're not trespassing on the private land behind the wall, and to make sure you're not painting on buildings and trains nearby. I see great art come and go, and I never feel unsafe or threatened at anytime.

Bro i got arrested smh

I’ve been painting this spot for 21 years. Even got into an arguement with officer Mandle. It’s his beat. He loves graffiti, fuck 12 tho. His badge number is 182.

I was just there yesterday a cop walked up and admired the work so it is legal

bro cops couldn’t care less last time i checked

I made a small art piece on that wall and multiple cops passed and didn't care at all. I go there every week, it's great if you wanna go It's definitely legal.

i almost got arrested i got away tho ;)

if you're an actual artist and intend to do work, it shows. no cop is going to stop you from the murals. yes the cops dont give a single f*** about the wall/graffiti but it is 100% illegal in missouri. and as Paint Louis is mentioned, its a whole organized event. The city wouldn't allow a whole tribe of artists on the wall, them to have a DJ and BBQ if it wasn't overlooked by legal authority. the moment you're tagging shit, not putting up real work, looking suspicious, hanging with your friends, or doing anything other than what the wall is intended for- you'll be arrested.

Is this wall still safe to paint?